Assessment of Abdominal Pain

The topic in brief Discussion Board: Assessment of Abdominal Pain
Type of Service Course Work
No. of Pages/Word count 2 page(s)/276 to 550 Words
Citation Style APA Style
Detailed Description/Explanation Reply to the following questions in full paragraph form:

Scenario: A 43-year-old male arrives in the emergency room. You first notice this patient is very tall and lanky, as his feet are hanging over the end of the stretcher. He is complaining of a sudden and severe abdominal pain. On initial assessment, you notice he is very pale, clammy, and has a rapid pulse. He asks if you can put the head down on the stretcher as he is feeling light-headed and he requests for water, as he is very thirsty.

How would you proceed with this patient?
What could be the cause of this sudden onset of abdominal pain?
Please be sure to validate your opinions and ideas with citations and references in APA format.

The post and responses are valued at 25 points. Please review post and response expectations. Please review the rubric to ensure that your response meets criteria.



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