Argumentative Literally Analysis Essay

  1. Read and take notes on chapters 7, 8, and 9 of the novel.

Use what you’ve learned about “wallowing in complexity,” writing a “surprise reversal thesis statement,” and “supporting a thesis with points” to write a practice literary analysis about the novel so far.

In at least 400 words, you will write an argumentative literary analysis essay on a theme, concept, symbol, or character the you find significant so far. In your analysis you will include:

  • an introduction with a surprise reversal thesis statement
  • at least three supporting paragraphs.

The body paragraphs must have topic sentences that make a claim in support of your thesis, develop an argument about the claim, include a short quote (quote should not be longer than 3 lines) from the novel, and make sure you analyze the quote. Include transitions between paragraphs.

No conclusion needed. I just want to see that you know how to argue and support your argument

By wallowing in complexity, we allow ourselves to: 1. Pose problematic questions- questions that interest is as writers and as readers 2. To analyze a problem from all angles- not just right or wrong 3. To compare all the things, we discover 4. To accept and incorporate supportive information and approaches 5. To acknowledge competing information and approaches 6. To write effectively By wallowing in complexity as writers and as readers, we become experts by understanding how best to examine the work of others and by knowing the standards by which our own works will be examined.



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