Type of Service Essay Without Calculations
Project Title/Subject Anthropology
Academic Level
Citation Style MLA Style
No. of Pages/Word count 5 page(s)/1375 Words
No. of Sources/References 1
English UK/US/AU? English US
Description Article Review: Choose an article that you have a personal interest in from a peer reviewed journal such as The Journal of Southeast Asian Studies, The Journal of Asian Studies, or The Journal of Contemporary Asia. The article must be about a Southeast Asian topic and a minimum of 10-pages of text (this means the 10 pages does not include the title page or the Bibliography pages).
Read the article, then summarize and critique it for our class. Did you like the article why or why not? Is it an article that would go well with our course content and if so, what section of the course do you think it would fit the best with?
Write 10 True/False or Multiple-choice questions about the article that fairly represents the content of the article. Indicate the correct answer for each question by bolding or highlighting the text, or by including an answer key.

You must include in-text citations and a bibliographic reference at the end of your paper. Since your paper only refers to the single article you have chosen to read, the in-text citations may only include page numbers. Remember that ALL information must be referenced with citations, not just direct quotes. In fact, my preference is for you to paraphrase the information in your summary and stay clear of direct quotes. Use Chicago Manual of Style for reference formatting.



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